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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  October 5, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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medium build, brown hair and facial hair. he was last seen wearing black jeans, black t- shirt and black baseball cap. security has been stepped up at the complex and guards are now checking the identification of everyone entering the park regency complex. the man who allegedly tried to kill a police officer in fremont but he remains at large as rob explains please now know exactly who they're looking for. >> information provided by witnesses in an individual detained monday evening described by police only as an associate of the suspect. police say they now know who the suspect is said today the release is hope. he's identified as 36 year-old alexander d. as a parolee had a loss angeles. witnesses said deliberately rammed into a fremont motorcycle officer on monday pending the officer and his motorcycle beneath the van. officer
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patrick brown or a 10 year veteran who remains hospitalized with multiple broken bones and other non-life threatening injuries. the suspect managed to evade a daylong search on long both sides of interstate 80 and remains at large. police say it's not clear whether he is armed but based on what happened monday he believed him to be extremely dangerous. >> take a look at this remarkable picture courtesy of heavenly ski resorts that is no you see on the ground. the skies are starting to clear now but we still have a chance of showers lingering in the forecast in toto.tall. were seeing showers n to the south near monterey including gilroy and morgan hill. there's this snow in yosemite and snow in tahoe. moving closer to morgan hill
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it's dry right now but showers just skirting the area pushing down to the south. our latest satellite and radar picture you notice how this is moving. the snow starting in lake tahoe and is moving in a circular motion down to the south and southwest. was it is continue through the next several hours has we have the core of the storm sitting over central california. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. >> a second serious flaw has been discovered with munis clipper gates that once again the last people to pass through the 32 weeks ago you might remember kron 4 broke the story that the clipper gate to open its someone waved her hand in front like that. muni just finish fixing the problem on sunday night but now was kron 4 kate thompson reports there's another way to beat the system and muni has known about it for months. it's a story of see only on kron 4. >>
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>> kron 4 news has discovered a second flaw with the system which again allows people to waive their hand in front of the sensor and walk through the fourth free trade if he wanted to go through this 80 you have to come to the neighboring gates stick your hand over the sensor and then you can just walk through. another reason that this works is because his back sensor is supposed to detect people exiting the system and when they exit the gates they're supposed to open automatically and you can get through. that's how you get to the system for free. if you walk through this gate and stick your hand for the back censored it will bus and not work. you have to be standing at the neighboring dade and stick your hand over that back sensor for the gate to open up automatically. he said it's not about the flaw since they began testing this summer and it's currently working on a fixed period of reporting in san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news. >> checking the tuesday traffic
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in walnut creek this is a 68024 split the headlights' are northbound and the headlights' are moving slow northbound as well. we'll be right back much more ahead.
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temperature wise were quite a few degrees warmer especially in santa rosa 77 now and also when not bought and '70s inland in
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bay shore is and dent in the south bay 66 and san francisco cool along the coast. the stick of the thick cloud cover as expected clear in the north bay and cloudy down south of the golden gate especially to the south bay and in the east bay hills. were expecting a chance of showers in these locations they're expected tonight in those locations. as we head into tomorrow will see a repeat chance of showers of a bit better as well. breezy conditions in the afternoon and as we head to the rest of the week warmer weather will start to begin on friday. that's look on storm tracker radar for we had a wave of rain pushed through gilroy, mt. view a short time ago. otherwise clear conditions but the satellite picture will show something different. you can see over lake tahoe and the rest of the bay area are getting a wave of rain and snow pushing through the mountains and rain down to the south bay. will see a chance of rain and moisture rotating
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through the bay a area as we head into tomorrow afternoon which is why will keep the 30 percent chance of showers in the forecast. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast cool weather over the next couple days but it's going to get a real nice as we head into the weekend temperatures not too terribly uncomfortable '80s inland, is a upper '70's inland and 60s in the coast. >> almost two weeks as the crew started cleaning up the ruins of the homes inside the san bruno fire zone. as christine conley shows us they admit a lot of progress and are ahead of schedule. >> >> hear you and see up close one of the properties crews are cleaning out to that used to be a chimney. 35 homes were destroyed beyond repair in this fire and as i walk over here you can see the crew is also have this machine set up well they do their work. it's an air quality monitoring station because they don't know exactly what's in this debris they're afraid it may have toxic chemicals. as we
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take a look if you could see the remains of a burned out car all of this will be cleared out. this is the before picture and this is the after picture. here you can see one of the cleared the properties this sign shows they've done an asbestos survey and the removal is complete. as you take a look of the property you can see little yellow flags like this one right here. it that's were they've done soil samples that want to make sure they're giving residents back a clean piece of property that's ready to be rebuilt on. here you can see the progress there are only about 12 properties left the need to be cleared out. if all goes as planned crews hope to be done with the debris removal by next monday. that would be a week ahead of schedule. in san bruno christine conley kron 4 news. >> now a second lawsuit has been filed in alleges pg&e negligence led to the blast that killed eight people in san bruno. the
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suit from a man said he suffered injuries in the explosion is seeking class-action status. this is similar to the first one filed several weeks ago by another san bruno resident. the blue angels landed at sfo this week preparations are under weaken san francisco of the biggest fleet week in san francisco. jeff bush as to what's happening and why this year will be bigger than years past. >> >> the signs are up all along the embarcadero fleet week is almost hear the evidence of the big event can be seen on the ground like these guys i definitely stand out in their uniforms. every once in awhile a navy plane flies over the bay. most of the work can be seen at pier 30 and 32 you can see the pier has a setups and military personnel are busy making plans. they're making sure everything is secured. the blue angels have in this are the show since it began that this year they'll have more ships than in the last 20 years. tugboats are already lined up to help the when the
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ships arrive. -five u.s. warships will be here along with two canadian ships and several other vessels that fell the high seas. the uss will appear 30 and 32 the others will be at pier 27 and you're 35. ship tours are on friday all other ship tours will be saturday and sunday. in san francisco jeff bush kron 4 news. >> here's some of the other activities coming up on thursday from 1 to 5:00 p.m. the air show flying will begin with the blue angels conducting their circle at a rival maneuvers. on friday 1 to 4:00 p.m. go before airshow rehearsal hosted by our own. on saturday and sunday the air show be from 1 to 4:00 p.m. the blue angels fourth live the last hour. >> just into the kron 4 news room berkeley police are investigating a suspicious package inside a school which is
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other workers in the state sprayed water on the alliance to try and stop the attack to the audience was filled with families with young children many of them scrambled for the exit. the trainer was taken to a local hospital for treatment. in brazil this woman walking in the street suddenly hit by car. look at the video it was all caught on the surveillance camera the driver of the car immediately got out to help the woman who
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was thrown about 65 ft. down the street amazingly chile suffered minor injuries. and surely it is the nearly nine long weeks since 33 minors became trapped in a mine there. now as patrick reports the rescue could be days away. >> after more than 60 days underground the rescue of 33 trapped miners may be close at hand. the plan it is only about 160 m away from the men. chilean president said he hopes the men are rescued by next week before yes to leave to europe on an official visit. rescue officials at the mine said their priority is still getting the men quickly but safely. >> we have to do what is necessary to avoid risks. i understand everyone's hope including mine is to get the medicine as possible. however, we cannot run any risk so we
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have to do what is required to secure the mind. >> officials are giving a time line between october 15th and october 30th for one they planned to pull off this rescue. once they've reached the men to have to begin the process of lining down the hole which acts as a buffer between the rescue capsule and the mine shaft walls and then have the equipment such as winches need to be brought in which will lower in the rescue capsule to the men. officials said the working on a list of how the men will leave the mind. the senate makes more sense for the healthiest and to require less help in time to get to the service to go first official said they have not formalize that list from to leave this underground prison and in what order. cnn chile. >> a live look now traffic on the golden gate bridge and no sign of the fog at this hour. traffic north down on the right side of your screen and southbound on the last moving
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